"Glad to see the progress, Prithvi."
A B Godrej

"An excellent initiative and a commendable effort of the industry in association with the regulatory authority to accumulate the wealth of under utilized professional to the growth and development of the corporate world in particular and the Indian economy in general." 
Dr. A.R. Subramanian,IIM Lucknow 

"The concept of independent Directors, your marvelous service through the website and interest evinced by many academics would, I believe, result in opening a new chapter in industry academia interaction on a sustaining and a mutually beneficial note. Congratulations on your efforts." 
Dr A.Sivakumar Ph.D, TAPMI 

"Congratulations to you and you team on the successful launch of the website."
Aditya Mathur

"Great as usual"
Ajay Agarwal, Kolkata

"You have implemented the wonderful idea in a grand style. Accept my congratulations."
Ajay Garg

"I visited the site and registered for independent directorship. In fact, I was impressed by the service." 
Anil Gor, Mumbai

"This is an excellent concept. This can be useful to both the individuals hoping to join the boards of companies as independent directors and the companies seeking suitable persons to meet their requirements."
Anil Harolikar

"I must congratulate you on your effort to bridge the ‘first mile’ gap between companies seeking directors and professionals that can help with the same. As Indian companies become global players and interact with a larger set of stakeholders, the need for improved corporate governance increases substantially. I think your website is a smart way of leveraging technology to provide a more robust and dependable governance-environment to these stakeholders. I congratulate you again."
Anuraag Saxena

"Heartiest congratulations for your new initiative and for implementing an excellent idea that is the need of the hour. I am sure your new website would help promote better standards of corporate governance in the country."
Prof. Arun Kumar Jain, IIM, Lucknow

"I congratulate SEBI and all others who are involved for such a initiative." 
Ashish Sadh 

"It is an appreciative effort to identify independent directors."
Prof.B.Jothimohan, Chennai 

"You have created an excellent website and a good platform for professionals and companies to find the right match..." 
Bhavinc Chheda

‘The corporate world must be delighted that they will have such a vast pool of professionals, to choose from…need to be congratulated for this pioneer effort".
Brij Mohan Chhabra

"Thank you very much for the information provided and the efforts taken at your end."
Chengappa P.G.

"I used to be a finance director on the board of a PSU. I moved over to Middle East to quickly accumulate wealth in a short period by fair means. Often I used to feel about the "harakari" of my career. This facility may re-orient my career." 
D.K.Srivastava IIMA 

"Congratulations to all involved and keep up this excellent job."
D.Prasad,Essar House Ltd.

"Well done. Great idea that has been brilliantly executed at the appropriate time. I used to think of ways to become a director in any Indian company. I used to hesitate in spite of the qualifications and experience. This web site has created a wonderful platform. I hope that some one somewhere would find me useful."
Deepak Srivastava

"I am currently pursuing Independent Directors Study Course organized by BCAS and SPJMIR. I found the website extremely useful, and timely for aspiring directors."
Dhananjay Parkhe

"This is a great initiative. I wish it all the very best."
Dinesh Kumar

"Thanks and compliments to you for this wonderful initiative and efforts. This will go a long way in the corporate history of our country. Hope you keep this spirit up and come out with many such 'reforms'." 
Haresh Rupani

"I am pleased to come across and appreciate your forward thinking and enterprise. I wish you all the success in your new initiative which will go a long way in furthering the corporate governance culture in India."
Hitendra Patil, Chief Operations Officer, Saraff Infotech Co., Ltd.

"Its really very good initiative by the SEBI/, to provide opportunity to professionally qualified persons to be on Board of body corporate and provide expert views as it is the right platform to excel in their field." 
Jai Prakash Gupta 

" Interested in your initiative…will be an interesting case study for my services class"
Prof. Jayanta Chatterjee, IIT Kanpur

"My compliments to you on putting up such a wonderful website. It gives all the information at the right place and the flow of the same is very smooth. I found the site page retrieval also very fast. I must say that the website is very well made and you people seem to have tested it thoroughly before going live with it. Once again congratulations and keep up the nice work."
Jayesh Valia, Valia Consultancy, Member,NSE

"This is an excellent idea creating a reliable source for selection fair to both the selectors and the professionals. The object of corporate governance will be achieved thru this impartial exercise. The corporates including public sector like nationalized banks should look to this selection instead of adhoc selections driven by other unprofessional methods including mixing politics. This may also be used by financing institutions like IDBI, ICICI, IFCI etc and the ARCs. Similarly, the same could be used for selection of independent auditors/ internal auditors etc from CA CWA practicing community, as they are the backbones for corporate governance. But the cost of selection could be reviewed, as this may be a deterrent for use by public sector. Shri Damodaran may suggest a remedy for this." 

"The idea of Independent Directors' Bank / database is most unique and I would like to complement you and your team for this initiative.
- very timely, considering the growing awareness and need for imbibing high standards of corporate governance into companies 
- very relevant in the context of delinking ownership and professional management, where independent directors could play an important role in ensuring corporate harmony"
K.V.Ramani,President - Financial Services, Ashok Leyland Project Services Ltd

"I write to convey my appreciation of your initiative to design and launch This has come at the right time. The lead given by SEBI, BSE, NSE and CII, I believe, proves beyond doubt that we all mean business and "corporate governance" is just not two words from the dictionary. Prime is a byword for reliability. I am sure corporates would benefit from the vast human resource-base that is being given to them at the click of a mouse." 

"Happy to be associated with a timely and praiseworthy venture"
M.Damodaran, Chairman,SEBI

"This is simply amazing! I think it is a great initiative. Maybe, you could impress upon the companies that they need to pay more than just sitting fees!" 
Madhu Dubhashi

"This is very excellent, marvelous service, doing fine for our country." 
Madhusudanareddy Nagireddy

"Heartily congratulations! It is a good and sincere effort to make available a ready-made databank of aspiring talent of the nation, to the companies. This site has given opportunity to ambitious young Indians who want to be a part of this Developing India. Except a few, all the Indian companies are way behind their competitors around the globe. We have come a long way after Independence; quality of people available for the Independent Directorship is a testimony to this. Only question is how this talent is picked up by the Indian companies before being hijacked by the multinationals."
Makarand Manerkar

"I would like to congratulate you for having kept me and all others informed, during this entire process of enlisting the profiles. I appreciate your good work and would like to specially thank on behalf of me and on behalf of everybody who got their profiles enlisted .I would also like to thank Mr. Damadoran and your entire team for having come up with such a novel idea to help companies find Directors of their choice in line with the SEBI guidelines."
Mohammed Habeebulla

"After I heard from you about your excellent initiative, I have been bringing to the notice of my friends. Some of them have already registered themselves. I will continue to recommend the site to more friends and others."
N.Ganga Ram, Retd. Executive Director, IDBI, Mumbai

"Thanks a lot for the wonderful and prompt service you are doing."
Nagasubramaniam P.S.

"Thanks for your wonderful initiative. You are going to have many professionals' sincere thanks, if companies honestly induct independent directors."
Neelakanth P. Phadke

"This is a necessary, welcome and bold step. The experience of the vast pool of talented, experienced people of our country would be fully utilized for the benefit of the companies and help them grow manifolds"
Navin Chander Bakshi

"Congratulations. Keep it up"
Nimesh Kampani, Chairman,JM Morgan Stanley

"Your effort is most appreciable and also a good innovation. It is better than Job sites. It will help the companies and help the economy to improve by becoming more transparent and thus help the stock market also. I hope you are getting enough media attention. You can send me a brief media write up and I will try to get it released in Saudi Media where I have some contacts. Well done, Hope the effort also benefits you financially." 

"Great job, well done! Such an effort was long overdue. Congratulation to everyone of you involved in this initiative!"
P.C.Narayan,IIM Bangalore

"It is indeed a commendable initiative to give the companies an opportunity to reach a list of potential directors for their boards. We run an NGO called Cidal which has an office in Safdarjung Enclave. We would like to arrange roundtables at Habitat Enter or at such other venue periodically wherein eminent people could talk on governance, industry practices and issues relating to stakeholders’ interests on no profit no loss basis. It can also take initiative to educate independent directors' role." 

"You really have very prompt & efficient way of doing things."

"My hearty congratulations to the entire team for realizing the website to the companies. I wish great gala success in your efforts." 
Prakash Shah

"This facility provided by SEBI, of primedirectors is applauseable and should be welcomed and encouraged." 
Quazi Wasim Ahmed

"The creation of this website would greatly help the companies to locate independent directors who are willing to share the responsibility as an independent director as required under revised clause 49 and it will go a long way in the history of corporate governance in India and surely we shall achieve the global best practices in the field of corporate governance under the able guidance of our regulator" 

"It is a pioneering work done by you and your team. I pray to Almighty for success in this endeavor and in all your future endeavors."

"I offer my warmest praise for the wonderful service you are rendering to the corporate sector as well as the professionals and as well to the country too. If the corporate sector takes advantage of the mature, experienced and qualified professionals, Indian corporate sector will definitely scale new peaks. I am one with triple post-graduate professional qualifications. After my retirement some time ago, I have been taken as a HR Consultant in a UK based MNC in Chennai where within a few months my services are highly appreciated and every recommendation I give is so gladly accepted and implemented. People like me will be very happy to contribute our very best to the Indian corporate sector, if only they care to take advantage of our services. May your services continue and grow."

"Very impressive! Well done."
Raj Nair

"Very great experience indeed…congratulations that something like this is so easily available from Indian agencies for Indian users. Every interaction and touchpoint with filling in the form for directorship till acknowledgement and reconfirmation has been great and flawless"
Rajendra Raja

"Great work! You deserve high praise for this effort"
Dr. Raju Chandrasekar

"It is an excellent idea. I understand through this site now professional of safety and environment background will also play a vital role." 
Dr. Rakesh Dubey, Director,Disaster Management Institute

"Excellent work"
Dr. Rakesh Mohan, Dy. Governor, RBI

"I appreciate the systematic and professional work your web site is doing which is beneficial both to the companies and the set of individuals."
Ramamurthy V.Vedula

"This is a good timely initiative. I wish you a great success in your new creative venture."
S.K. Mitra, Director, Financial Services, Aditya Birla Group

"The idea of this website is very good in hosting the database of all qualified professionals. Mr Haldea, who is behind this initiative, is known for his thorough professionalism. Training and updation of knowledge is important for all the persons registered on the website. Bombay CA Association is conducting a course for Independent Directors, but only for local Mumbaiites. Suggestion: This portal can formulate and conduct an online course for all those aspiring independent directors. If an interactive verbal session is considered essential, the same can be organized in collaboration with local institutes of management. A formal test at the end of the course and a certificate will make the participants to take the course seriously. We can also try for accreditation of the course by SEBI. If the wants anything to be done at Hyderabad, I can utilize my time and organize and do the same." 
S.L.Narasimha Rao 

"A very useful initiative for both the corporate sector and the talented corporate executives. I confirm the data submitted after reviewing it." 

"I am sure it will be a huge success in facilitating corporate governance amongst Indian companies."
Sanjay Parikh, Birla Sun Life Insurance

"This is an exceptionally good idea as finding quality independent Directors is also a great issue for many of my investee companies. You will have our full-hearted support for this initiative. I would love to put myself on the web for this, but the only constraint is that my 15 Directorships are full, and I have no way to join any new Board. However, as a measure of initiating your platform, I will enroll myself"
Shahzaad Dalal, IL&FS, Mumbai

"I have decided against filling in the details as I believe that no company is really going to get an Independent director from the data base. Most companies will be looking for professionals whom they know and would not want get involved with total strangers. Perhaps things will change but for the present, I do not think this will work. I however congratulate you for creating this data base and hopefully some day it will become useful." 
Sharad M.Kulkarni 

"Kindly accept my best wishes in releasing the website. I hope that this venture will help companies to select the right professionals to improve the corporate governance. I have also registered my profile for the same. I also wish that may be your efforts may address the problems faced by professional to deliver proper corporate governance in the companies." 
Siddharth Roychowdhury

"It is a good idea to bring professionals for the participation and help the Indian industry. Your site is simple, unambiguous and clean forum."
Dr.Sisir Kumar Adhikari

" Let me express my sincere thanks for this service"
Sukumaran Nair

"An excellent and professional job done. Keep up the good work."
Sundaram S.R.

"This is a wonderful service not only to the corporate sector but also to the professionals as also to the country. If the corporate sector takes advantage of the mature, qualified and experienced professionals it will certainly benefit the corporate sector to scale new peaks." 

" This site is well organized and easy to navigate and fill the forms. Hats off to you."
Sunil Kumar Jain

"The Website is a very timely one, considering the plethora of requests (as usual) of asking for extension of time for mandatory implementation of appointment of Independent Directors on the Board of Companies. Your portal has removed the single major claim of not having data of enough qualified and experienced independent directors. You have conclusively proved that given the sense of purpose and the need for a transparent and efficient corporate governance initiative our country has enough and more professionals to contribute their wealth of experience. Kudos. As part of the initiative to train Independent Directors, we at Karnataka State Chartered Accountants Association (KSCAA) in association with the National Law School India University (NLSIU) are conducting a 10-day intensive training at the NLSIU campus and the last two sessions are at the INFOSYS Board Room. Your commendable efforts are laudable." 
Suresh P.R., Past President KSCAA.

"Your services are highly appreciable."

"Your efforts are appreciated, and most of us i.e.good proud Indians are following up to build the brand image of all things Indian. My thank you to all team members."
Col TS Tanwar (Retd.)

"You are doing good job."
Thyagarajan S.

"The concept of independent Directors, your marvelous service through the website has given opportunity to people working across the country, and result in opening a new chapter in industry academia interaction on a sustaining and a mutually beneficial note. Congratulations on your efforts."
Prof. V.Jagadishwer

"Your service for good corporate governance is appreciated." 
Vedula Gopinath

"It is a great effort to see your website has become a prime enabler for inducting independent directors for corporate governance policy. It is a welcome." 

"I am thankful for the efforts being made by your organisation. It is admirable that you are providing professional services to the companies."

"My best wishes and applause for your great efforts"
Venugopal Anisingaraju

"I very appreciate your initiative for promoting the website and feel confident that it would go a long way in bringing Good Governance to Indian Companies. Please accept my congratulations and good luck for the venture. I am an MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad and have been NRI for about 20 years."
Vikram S. Tyagi

"I had read about this website in the papers and have gone through it briefly. Prithvi, it is brilliant idea and hats off to you for this path-breaking concept. I was also thinking about the concept of a centralized database but could not take the idea forward- as only geniuses like you can do so. Congratulations once again to you and your team."
Vijai Mathur, Link Legal, New Delhi

"I also take this opportunity to congratulate you on your initiative and am keen to be a participant in this endeavor of better corporate governance."
Vivek Seth