PRIME is known for its high credibility and ensures high professional standards in this initiative also.

Complete confidentiality is provided by this website both to the professionals and to the companies. The database of professionals is accessible only to the authorized companies, through a password. This website is not made available for use to any other entity.

Step 1: A professional will file his profile on this website. At the time of filling the profile, the professional will specify whether he would like his name/ current position/address to be displayed to the companies in the search results or not (He would also need to confirm that he is not disqualified by any regulation/ law to accept a directorship).

Step 2: The company will, with a powerful engine, search this website by using parameters of its choice. This will generate search results containing brief summaries of the professional as matching its needs.

Step 3:It is expected that both the professionals as well as the companies will inform this website when they sign up with each other.